The importance of marketing and owning a website as a small business owner

I like to say it that no big business ever started big, some large companies today started in a garage! As a small business owner, there is the need to make the world see your business the same way you see it; it is only through this way you will be able to break even at the end of the day. Often, I have been asked why spend more money on brand visibility when I am just starting, and I am barely making ends meet? And then I wonder if the answer is not apparent enough.

There are tons of businesses that have come and have gone. The companies that celebrate over 100 years in existence have all learned the value of continually being in their consumer’s faces. They have mastered the art of selling themselves to you that you don’t even know when you begin to buy.

Why do you need a website as a small business owner?

Contrary to your thoughts that this is another sales pitch, I would like to say this is as factual as any other piece you would see out there, and I do care about your success in this world that is ready to swallow up businesses that stand on shaky legs. So back to the question, you do need a website for the following reasons;

  • Visibility: Your business needs to be visible, and how else can you achieve that? People regularly utilize the internet and social media to locate services these days, and you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you are not there when they come looking! Create a website, put all your creativity into it, and select the best visual representation of your services and see if you won’t get customers!
  • Accessibility: At a glance, people can easily access your services and your location. It is just as simple as that.
  • Engagement: A live chat on your website means that your customers get to interact with you. By incorporating the use of blogs, they get the opportunity to interact with you on topics that they can relate to, and this is a win-win for your business.
    A means of getting feedback: A website provides you the opportunity to get feedback from people who buy your services. You get to create a complaint corner, and you can easily manage situations whenever they arise.

Yes, it may be a steep price to pay because you are just getting started and in all honesty, your business isn’t making much just yet, believe me when I say this is one profitable route your business will thank you for taking!

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